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Thursday, July 8, 2021

MY Horror Tree Interview with THE Jennifer Anne Gordon

 Check out her newest release Pretty/Ugly on Amazon and where books are sold!


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

My Horror Tree Interview with R.B Wood THE

Check out R.B. Wood and his newest offering Bayou Whispers. 



Sunday, January 31, 2021

Flashes of Hope Charity Anthology

Looking for a hopeful, satisfying read that actually helps your neighbor's affected by covid? Well here's your chance.

 This flash horror story anthology, curated by Theresa Derwin, has been compiled to bring hope in this time of darkness and to do something about it by raising funds for food-banks and people adversely affected by Covid and lockdown. This book celebrates the strength of our key-workers by making every hero in the book one of them: from cleaners, to nurses and doctors to shop keepers, these are the heroes at the frontline.And the heroes in these stories.Featuring stories from Alyson Faye, Ruschelle Dillon, Ken Shinn, Dave Jeffery, Eric Ian Steele and Anna Taborska, these protagonists fight all kinds of monsters, supernatural and other. So step inside, face the darkness, and see hope win.


Sunday, November 29, 2020

A Kitchen Haunting

Picture it- A lazy Sunday morning. 

While preparing a cuppa tea the American way; a tea bag in a cup of water nuked in the microwave-I pop open the microwave door where there is approximately 10 slices of bacon just hanging out. Cold, congealed and in there for who knows how long.

The day before, my hubby, Ed,was complaining about a missing pack of ready cooked bacon from the fridge. Yes, he counts his bacon packs. What can I say?  Now unless I'm making a meal with bacon, I don't just make bacon. 

Anyway, I remember our conversation and toss the slices back in the microwave after nuking my tea. Maybe he'll recall making them one night this past week for his lunch. He's been taking BLT's 

So, I show him...

Me: Ed, there's bacon in the microwave. Remember when you were looking for the lost bacon? Well, there it is. It must have been in there a few days.

Ed: (looks in microwave) Where'd this come from? Why is it in here?

Me: I don't know. Maybe you made it Friday night while we were drinking and you forgot about it?

Ed: No. I'd remember. 

Me: Not if you were drunk.

Ed: I didn't put it in here. Maybe it was you?

Me: (getting disgusted) No. I don't eat the bacon unless I'm cooking with it. And, unlike you, I remember making food Friday night when we were drinking. I air fried mac n cheese bites. Not bacon.

Ed: Well, it wasn't me. 

Me: So...we have a ghost that visits us just to make your bacon, but doesn't eat any?

Ed: Ghosts don't eat.

Me: That's what you got out of that? Okay, so what your saying is the most reasonable explanation, isn't that you might have forgotten you made it, no. You think it's a ghost.

Ed: Yep, ghost bacon. Maybe they just like the way it smells?

Me: Ghost. Bacon. 

MY Horror Tree Interview with THE Jennifer Anne Gordon

 Check out her newest release Pretty/Ugly on Amazon and where books are sold! https://horrortree.com/the-horror-tree-presents-an-interview-w...