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Thursday, June 25, 2020

My First Pet

When I was a kid, my folks wouldn't allow me to have a pet. One day, I was playing around the community dumpster, and found this sad abused little bird. I snuck it home in a little bucket and cared for him.

So I snuck into my parents bedroom and snatched the Saturday night dog collar and leash out of my Dad's underwear drawer. I wanted to take my new pet for a walk around the block. Yeah, I knew you couldn't take birds for a walk but I was young and excited for a pet. 

I named it Oleg. He was my first pet. 

Until my parents found out about him. 

And ate him. 

Why couldn't they just tell me he went to live at a farm somewhere???

I dug this pix out of my old scrapbook.

I miss you Oleg....

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