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Friday, September 6, 2019

Fake News from a Friend

Bigfoot self portrait

The President’s dead.
That’s what the media proclaims.
But there isn’t a body.
Rumor has it- he was assassinated.
There’s also speculation he took his own life.
It’s been reported he’s 'in hiding' shacked up with some ‘Appalachian Sasquatches’ and he’s teaching them how to become... shrimp ranchers.
How does one even lasso shrimp?
The lassos would need to be so tiny.
That’s Funny.

Fake news is everywhere.
Why do people believe the silliest of things?

I guess we all need to believe in something but how about equality for all -photographs that don't make one look blurry...or fat and good paying American jobs for the disenfranchised, the podiatrial and folicularly challenged! 
Honestly, I wish the president were hiding with me….
I’d like to herd shrimp.

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