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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To blog or not to blog....who really gives a damn?

Today, my imaginary friend John Monaco suggested that I start a blog. Now, I don't always listen to my imaginary friend because I've been burned by his "suggestions" many times before. Petco did NOT think blasting R Kelly on my ipod and spraying vanilla pudding all over the animals tanks and cages on Valentine's Day while screaming 'Critter Orgy' was funny. I will be allowed back in Petco April-ish of 2019....maybe.
That debacle aside, I've decided to start this BLOG. I'm thinking of writing about sports, politics and a little Malaysian kid named Sven. Nevermind, Sven doesn't dig sports. He had a rock that he used as a soccer ball but the family ended up eating it. Hard times for Sven.
I have named my blog, Ruschelle Dillon's- Puppets Don't Wear Pants.  Because...well....they don't.  No self respecting puppet would ever don a pair of dungarees. And if they do, they're a Commy. Did I spell that correctly?  Ehh...I don't care. You smell my meaning.
This is where you kids come in.  I need stroked. In other words, I need people to read what spews from my herpies riddled lips. Don't worry, I'm not contagious....anymore. I can't promise class but I can promise entertainment. If you are easily offended this is not the place for you. Just thought I'd put that out there because there's ALWAYS someone who is offended. Yeah probably, YOU. Go watch some Holly Hobby videos or something...but leave this deliciously devious blog alone...or I'll tell my mommy!
What to expect here?  Well, humor, videos, stories, events, reviews etc.  Whatever I want to post- cause this is my blog bitches! And when I say "bitches" I mean that in the sweetest way possible.
Any readers out there other than Batman?


  1. Lmfao you are definitely the funniest girl I know

  2. I iz here! I don't have to wear pants just because I'm not a puppet though; do I? LOL

  3. Very nice! I'm glad you are finally blogging all over. And thanks for not blaspheming Batman. Who, by the way, ALWAYS wears pants.


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